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We stopped the arranging of apartments on 30-04-2015
Starting from 01-05-2015
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Möblierte Wohnungen

e-rent.de: Apartment rental in Cologne

Quality might be debatable.
World class isn´t.
Furnished apartments
on the videomap
of Cologne
Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf
in more than 22.000 street videos.
For your apartment search only.
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in Cologne :
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apartments in Cologne

  • Furnished apartments, flats,
    rooms and houses
  • In Cologne and surroundings
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Your apartment
in Cologne :
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Your apartment
in Cologne :
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  • Guided viewings: complete
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Guided viewings
You just have to get into the car.
Everything else is prepared.
4 flags. 4 business languages
In conversation, in our listings,
in your contract.
Service for companies
We learned a lot in 16 years.
In consequence:
a style of its own.
Apartments in 360° x 360°
Largest stock of Ipix
in the real estate industry
(over 17.000 views of apts)
on video
Aesthetic things should
use an aesthetic language
A legend in the Web ?
The exceptional needs
no miracles.
Only serious efforts -
for you.
Deed under seal
Confidence may be good.
Certification is better.